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When I edit a DW post and re-save it, why does it add the word 'Save' to the text. You can see an example of this at the end of my Wonder Woman blogpost, here. https://jacey.dreamwidth.org/573134.html
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I know I managed it last time, but today I simply can't  post an image to my Dreamwidth blog, so I'm piling up movie-of-the-week posts and booklog posts. I paste the URL into the Insert/edit image panel, but all I get is the broken picture image.

If DW was based originally on LiveJournal, why on earth can't it simplify the way it handles images? LJ's image uploading was a doddle. I can't believe that DW will only take images from the web, so I can't post them from my computer (unless I set up the whole email posting thing, which also seems to have drawbacks in terms of formatting, i.e. pics at the end of the blogpost, not integrated). I don't do Instagram, so if I have an image on my hard drive am I supposed to post it to a website before I can upload it to DW? What a palaver!

Your input welcome. Thanks.


Apr. 10th, 2017 03:39 pm
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It seems as though nearly all my friends are migrating to Dreamwidth, so it looks like I'll have to do it as well because, after all, that's why I keep up with LJ. I do already have a DW account. I'm 'jacey' over there (not birdsedge). Please link to my DW account if you haven't already. I'm not 100% comfortable with DW, so I'll probably run both that account and this in tandem for a while at least.

As I type DW is migrating 154 weeks of LJ posts - yes, that's correct, it's 3 years since I last called in there and migrated posts over

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