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Nimbus by Jacey Bedford - book coverSaveDAW sent me the cover for the next book. Nimbus, due out in October. The cover artist is Stephan Martiniere, who did the covers for both Empire of Dust and Crossways.

This is the last of the Psi-Tech trilogy featuring Cara Carlinni and Reska 'Ben' Benjamin as they continue to fight the corrupt megacorporations. However, something is stirring in the depths of foldspace which might bring a dramatic change to spacefaring humankind.
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Yay, last night I finished the first draft of 'Nimbus' - which is the third book in the Psi-Tech trilogy. It has taken a lot longer than I expected due to ending up at 163,000 words - and that's just the first draft. I was anticipating finishing the first draft in around 120,000 words and then adding some in the revision. Eeep! (I may still need to add some in the revision, of course, depending on what my editor wants.)

Anyhow, now I can take a couple of days and catch up with book logs and movies of the week, so expect a flurry of reviews. I read these while writing, but have only just managed to log them.
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CrosswaysIt's BOOK DAY! Crossways, my second novel, is out today.

What starts out as a search for survivors turns into a battle for survival. Space stations, corrupt corporations, telepathy, relationships and something moving in the depths of foldspace.

Not read the first one yet? Empire of Dust is still available, of course. Empire made the Locus Best Seller list in the month it was published. For Crossways to do the same it would be great if those of you who are going to buy it (if you haven't already, do so today or within the next few days. That would be fab. (No pressure, just if...) One small step for readingkind - one giant leap for Jacey!

Where to get it. If you're in the USA/Canada then all good bookstores,  Amazon/ Barnes & Noble etc. It's available as paperback or electronic version (Kindle Nook etc.). If you're in the UK then it's a bit more limited due to it being an American import, but Amazon.co.uk has it.  or Forbidden Planet if you're lucky enough to have a branch in your area.'re lucky enough to have a branch in your area.

If you want some background on the Psi-Tech universe then there's a page on my website here: http://www.jaceybedford.co.uk/psi-tech.htm

And a reminder, not just for my book, but for all books. If you like a book, talk about it, post to facebook, twitter, your blog. Tell your friends. Make recommendations. With fewer and fewer bookshops on the High Street, browsing is limited, so the best way for news to get out about new books is by word of mouth.

Thank you, readers, reviewers, bloggers, retweeters, facebookers. Without you...
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If I've been quiet on LJ lately it's because I'm now 70,000 words into the first draft of Crossways, the sequel to Empire of Dust (which comes out in November from DAW) and another Psi-tech novel. My three book deal is for two psi-tech novels and a completely unrelated historical fantasy, but the deeper I get into Crossways the more I'm thinking that this will not be the end of the Psi-Tech universe.

The hook line for Crossways is: 'What begins as a search for survivors becomes a battle for survival.'

I can't explain too much of the plot without spoilers for Empire, but things barely alluded to in Empire come to the fore in Crossways, including the nature of 'jumpgate travel' and what lies in wait for the unwary in foldspace. My characters have undergone a radical change in their lives and now must become independent of the corporate empire which spawned them. As always happens in any amorphous bunch of people, some go their own way and others rise to the surface. Some take a bit of a break in this book, but are already crying out for a book of their own. Some character seeds sown in Empire are starting to flower Crossways and (to continue the gardening theme) others are almost ready for pruning.

My delivery date is August, so I need to achieve about 10,000 words a week to complete my first draft by the end of July and give myself a little time for basic revision before i send it off to my editor. That's do-able.

I'm having fun.

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