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Nimbus by Jacey Bedford - book coverSaveDAW sent me the cover for the next book. Nimbus, due out in October. The cover artist is Stephan Martiniere, who did the covers for both Empire of Dust and Crossways.

This is the last of the Psi-Tech trilogy featuring Cara Carlinni and Reska 'Ben' Benjamin as they continue to fight the corrupt megacorporations. However, something is stirring in the depths of foldspace which might bring a dramatic change to spacefaring humankind.
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Well, it's not out until 2nd February but a good review in Publishers Weekly is certainly very cheering:

Winterwood front cover-smallWinterwood

Jacey Bedford, Author
Swashbuckling adventure collides with mystical mayhem on land and at sea in this rousing historical fantasy series launch set in a magic-infused England in 1800. Rossalinde Tremayne has done well for herself as a privateer in Mad King George’s service, using her abilities as a witch and the ever-present ghost of her long-dead husband (whose reputation and identity she’s borrowed) to claim other ships for profit and the Crown. Her estranged mother’s dying request is for Rossalinde to take a mysterious box, drawing her into a deadly mystery. In order to harness the power within the box, she has to unravel the secrets of a family she never knew existed, all while eluding those who want her dead. When her quest takes her into the hidden land of the Fae, she’ll be forced to make a choice that could alter the fate of an empire. Bedford (Crossways) adeptly weaves together romance, action, and fantastical elements, all set against a richly realized series of far-flung locations. Conflict both nautical and emotional keeps things exciting. Agent: Amy Boggs, Donald Maass Literary Agency. (Feb.)
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Yes, today is book day. Empire of Dust is out at last.

I confess I ordered a copy from Amazon just for the pleasure of having it appear in the post - y'know, like a real book! - and it arrived this morning, smack-bang on time.

I have a guest post on Worldbuilding from the Coffee Up over at Anne Lyle's blog.

And there's a review here on Jaine Fenn's Tales from the Garrett.

In other news, today would have been my favourite grandma's eleventy fourth birthday, so because you're probably sick of pictures of my book cover I give you Annie Bennett (nee Shaw) 4th November 1900 to October 1975
Grandma Annie Bennett 1957
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Though Empire of Dust doesn't officially come out until Tuesday 4th November I just had an email from my friend Clarisse in Toronto to say that she just purchased a copy from Bakka - Toronto's excellent SF bookstore. Since she didn't take a photo of it sitting there on a real bookstore shelf with other real books you'll have to make do with my shelfie.


Apr. 25th, 2014 12:09 am
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Empire of Dust - a Psi-Tech Novel
By Jacey Bedford (me!)

Whoo-hoo... really jazzed to discover that my upcoming novel (sans cover illustration unfortunately) is already up at Amazon for pre order. It's not out until 4th November, but if you pre-order you get their price promise that you'll get the lowest price between now and release day.



There only seems to be a Kindle version on Amazon.com - that's probably because of publication territory issues

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