Aug. 4th, 2018

Low Carb

Aug. 4th, 2018 02:59 pm
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I've been doing low carbs for the last five weeks and not finding it difficult. My blood sugars have come right down, which is the whole object of the exercise, though if I lose a few pounds I won't be upset. I got some interesting low carb/low GI recipes from the web and then tried a bit of experimenting.

This morning's breakfast was a crispy pancake made with
a rounded soup spoon of flax meal
same of coconut flour
same of ground almonds
generous pinch of salt
a large egg,

I beat the ingredients together then patted it out thin between two pieces of kitchen paper (it's fragile at this stage) and flopped it into a large frying pan of sizzling butter. Turning it whole is difficult because it tends to break up, but cutting it in half I managed to turn it without too much mess to lightly crisp up the other side, then I sandwiched the two halves with grated cheese and cooked it a bit more to melt the cheese. While it was melting the cheese I chopped and fried 4 large strawberries in butter (in the other half of the same pan) and poured the strawberry goo over the cheese pancake.

Yum! I'd post a photo but I ate the evidence.

A similar mix with grated cheese stirred in and a half teaspoon of baking powder, baked in bun cases in the oven, comes out like little scone-shaped bread substitutes. They make great butter carriers for savouries, and you could probably miss out the cheese and have them with fresh strawbs and clotted cream as a cream tea.

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