Aug. 5th, 2018

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I somehow missed the third book in this series, so as we jump to the fourth Isaac Vainio, Libriomancer, has revealed to the world that magic exists. He is in charge of research at New Millennium, a new facility for the Porters just outside of Vegas, and he appears to have a version of the now-dead Gutenberg (Yes that Gutenberg) living inside his head. His lover, Lena, a dryad, and her lover Nidhi, are still living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Isaac is splitting his time between the facility and various congressional hearings in DC when various senators are trying to determine whether magic is dangerous, and others are grasping at a way to weaponsise magic. magic users are being secretly incarcerated. Isaac is struggling against political conspiracies while trying our new, somewhat experimental types of libriomancy, and also fighting against the government's restrictions on using magic to cure illness (specifically that of his neice). Libriomancers can magically pull artifacts from books, so there are some great pop culture references to classic science fiction and fantasy, as well as recent book. Lucy's magical healing potion from 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' proves particularly useful. This appears to be the final book in the Magic Ex Libris series, though future installments would be possible. It hasn't completely closed off the story.

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