Dec. 30th, 2018

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#9.7 in the Chronicles of St Marys.
It's tradition that every Christmas the staff of St Marys (usually Max plus the usual suspects) makes an unauthorized time jump for whatever good reason pops into their heads after they've downed a large helping (or several) of mulled wine. This time the idea is not Max's, but Director Pinkerton's (she of that future St Mary's). As the world (in max's timeline) watches telly for news of the first manned Mars landing, Pinkerton (engineering genius) decides to (from her perspective) record the historic Mars Landing in contemporary time, and she hops back to Max's St Marys to invite Peterson and Maxwell along for the ride. In this short story Pinkie is explaining exactly what went wrong to the Time Police. I look forward to the annual Christmas excursion of St Mary's. This did not disappoint.

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An augmented short story from Scott Lynch about a bunch of fifth year magic students whose end of year exam consists solely of returning a grimoire  to the library stacks. Unfortunately the Living Library of Hazar is, if not entirely sentient, malevolent in the extreme. Lazlo and his room-mate Casimir, under the supervision of two tutors and in the company two other students have to fight their way through all manner of deadly traps includiong rampaging vocabuvores. The deadly creatures (and books) in the library are not the only danger.

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