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I haven't included Event Cinema in my Movies of the Week posts, but I've seen quite a few theatre productions broadcast to cinemas. All have been well worth seeing. I can't offer reviews because a) I'm not a theatre critic and b) I'm never sure how much the cinema interface changes perceptions of the stage show. Some have been broadcast 'live;' and some have been recorded as live.

 Here's my list for the last couple of years (in the order I saw them).
  • Frankenstein
  • Rozencrantz and Guldernstern are Dead
  • Treasure Island
  • An American in Paris
  • The Madness of George III
  • The King and I
There wasn't one dud amongst them. Special mentions for Benedict Cumberbatch as the monster in Frankenstein, Mark Gatiss as mad King George, and Ken Watanabe as the King of Siam in the King and I. But to ne honest all the productions were brilliant. I used to love going to the theatre, but I rarely get the chance these days, for both logistical and financial reasons. We went to see War Horse at Salford when it was on tour and we had no change from £120 for two of us. That includes the cost of tickets, parking, and fuel. (But not counting the meal at Cafe Rouge beforhand.)

Event cinema, in contrast, costs about £15 per ticket. Sure itr's more expensive than seeing a movie, but it's a great experience. Highly recommended.

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